Aster uses design to interpret many different moods. Aster Today, Make it Personal.

Naturally moods can mean many things to many people.

Moods are all about your innermost feelings over a period of time.

The kind of mood you are in will determine how you act at any given moment.

By showing different moods we recreate a vast range of different sensibilities each one shaped by strong designs so as to create a uniquely memorable experience.

Using design, making moods manifest, easy for all to read. What were once mere feelings become solid reality.

The ongoing dialogue between form and feeling is a story design tells, so that lets designers share the unique personal moods of each interior with all those enjoying them.

That’s why Aster has come up with five completely different moods, getting inspired so we can inspire others: Tradizionale, Moderno, Transitional, Factory and Luxury Glam.